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Anders Albrecht

Curator, Principal Investigator

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I work in the Diptera- and Hymenoptera team curating the Finnish collections of true bugs and the small insect orders. The primary topics of my research are taxonomy, distribution and conservation of Hemiptera, and most of my current activity aims at producing an illustrated identification guide of the aphids of Finland and North Europe. Other research acticvities include the development of dry preparation methods for soft-bodied invertebrates.  In addition, I try my best to popularize my research and spread information about insects, plants and mushrooms through media and teaching.

Aphid taxonomy, An Illustrated Identification Guide to the Aphids of Finland and North Europe

The aphids have developed an efficient system to repel students. They are small, soft-bodied and willingly spread the belief among entomologists that they can only be identified after being cleared and mounted on slides, and after a number of precise measurements have been taken. The aim of the present project is to produce a handbook by which most of our aphid species can be identified without resorting to time-consuming laboratory work and expensive equipment. Most species can readily be identified by means of colouration, host plant and habitus. The book focuses on the Finnish fauna, about 480 species, but more than 200 additional species occurring in adjacent countries will be included. The projekt started thanks to funding by the Ministry of the Environment (PUTTE), and has now reached the desktop phase.

Lasius niger, Trama troglodytes

Monitoring and red-listing of Finnish hemipterans and small insect orders

The Finnish Expert Group on Hemiptera covers the folloving insect groups: true bugs (Hemiptera), crickets and grasshoppers (Orthoptera), earwigs (Dermaptera), cockroaches (Blattodea), thrips (Thysanoptera), book- and barklice (Psocoptera), lacewings (Neuroptera) och scorpionflies (Mecoptera). The previous Red list was published in 2010, and the next evaluation will be made in 2020.

Funding: Ministry of the Environment, LUOMUS, University of Turku, Kuopio Natural History Museum, Finnish Forest and Park Service.

Expert group: Anders Albrecht (LUOMUS, chairrman), Petri Ahlroth (Finlands miljöcentral SYKE), Seppo Karjalainen (Finnish Forest and Park Service), Jukka Kettunen (Kuopio Natural History Museum), Jani Kirjavainen (Entomological Society of Tampere), Ilpo Mannerkoski (SYKE), Keijo Mattila (Entomological Society of Tampere), Veikko Rinne (Turun yliopisto), Teemu Rintala (Forststyrelsen, secretary), Guy Söderman (SYKE)


Elasmostethus interstinctus Chorthippus parallelus Boreus westwoodi


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