Finnish Museum of Natural History

Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

Opening hours


    Wintertime (1.9.–31.5.)
    Monday Closed
    Tuesday 10 am - 5 pm
    Wednesday 10 am - 5 pm
    Thursday 10 am - 6 pm
    Friday 10 am - 5 pm (Free entrance on the first Friday of every month at 2–5 pm)
    Saturday 10 am - 5 pm
    Sunday 10 am - 4 pm
    Summertime (15.8.–31.8.)
    Monday Closed
    Tuesday 10 am - 5 pm
    Wednesday 10 am - 5 pm
    Thursday 10 am - 6 pm
    Friday 10 am - 5 pm (Free entrance on the first Friday of every month at 2–5 pm)
    Saturday 10 am - 5 pm

    10 am - 5 pm

    The sale of tickets ends 30 minutes before closing time.

    Outdoor garden

    Outdoor garden is open daily from 9 am to 8 pm.

    Exceptional opening hours

    Christmas 24.–26.12.2016 Closed
    New Year 31.12.2016–1.1.2017 Closed
    Epiphany Eve 5.1.2017 Open 10 am - 4 pm
    Epiphany 6.1.2017 Open 10 am - 4 pm
    Tuesday 28.2.2017 Closed
    Tuesday 7.3.2017 Closed
    Tuesday 14.3.2017 Closed
    Maundy Thursday 13.4.2017 Open 10 am - 4 pm (no extended hours)
    Good Friday 14.4.2017 Closed
    Easter Saturday 15.4.2017 Open 10 am - 4 pm
    Easter Sunday 16.4.2017 Open 10 am - 4 pm
    Easter Monday 17.4.2017 Open 10 am - 4 pm
    Saturday 30.4.2017 Open 10 am - 4 pm
    May Day 1.5.2017 Closed
    Ascension day 25.5.2017 Open 10 am - 4 pm (no extended hours)
    Friday 16.6.2017 Closed 
    Thursday 22.6.2017 Open 10 am - 5 pm (no extended hours)
    Midsummer 23.–25.6.2017 Closed
    Summer 26.6.–14.8.2017 Closed
    Mushroom exhibition 11.9.2017 Open 11 am - 5 pm
    All Saints´ Day 4.11.2017 Open 10 am - 4 pm
    Independence Day 6.12.2017 Closed
    Christmas 24.–26.12.2017 Closed
    New Year 31.12.2017–1.1.2018 Closed
    Christmas 24.–26.12.2015 Closed
    New Year 31.12.2015–1.1.2016 Closed
    Monday 4.1.2016 Open 10–16
    Epiphany Eve 5.1.2016 Open 10–16
    Epiphany 6.1.2016 Open 10–16
    Maundy Thursday 24.3.2016 Open 10–16 (no extended hours)
    Good Friday 25.3.2016 Closed
    Easter Saturday 26.3.2016 Open 10–16
    Easter Sunday 27.3.2016 Open 10–16
    Easter Monday 28.3.2016 Open 10–16
    Saturday 30.4.2016 Open 10–16
    May Day 1.5.2016 Closed
    Ascension day 5.5.2016 Open 10–16 (no extended hours)
    Thursday 23.6.2016 Open 10–16
    Midsummer 24.–26.6.2016 Closed
    All Saints´ Day 5.11.2016 Open 10–16
    Independence Day 6.12.2016 Closed
    Christmas 24.–26.12.2016 Closed
    New Year 31.12.2016–1.1.2017 Closed

    Entrance Fees

    Outdoor garden

    Outdoor garden has free entrance all year round.


    Accepted methods of payment are cash/bank card, credit cards Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard. Smartum's 5-euro-Liikunta- ja Kulttuuriseteli ”culture voucher” and Smartum Visa are also accepted as well as the Museum Card. Groups may also pay their entrance fees by invoice. The invoice is filled in when arriving to the glasshouses. For billing please take with you the necessary billing information (including business ID or the birth date of the invoice receiver). Billing fee 8 €.

    Free entry on the last three opening hours (from 2 to 5 pm) of the first Friday of every month in 2017.

    The sale of tickets ends 30 minutes before closing time.

    Basic fees 2017

    Adults 9 €
    Children 7–17 years 4,5 €
    Discount groups 6 €
    Conscripts, persons undergoing non-military service  
    The unemployed  
    Employees of the University of Helsinki  
    Helsinki Card (personal)  
    Adults 7 €
    Children 7-17 years 3,5 €
    Free entrance - free, report at the ticket office  
    Children under 7 years (except in groups)
    Group leaders
    Assistants for the disabled  
    Finnish veterans  
    ICOM card holders  
    Biology students of Helsinki University  
    Kindergarten, primary and secondary school, upper secondary and vocational school teachers from Finnish institutes  
    Members of Kasvitieteellisen puutarhan ystävät ry  

    Season card

    Personal season ticket, Luomus (valid for 12 months) 50 €
    Personal season ticket, Kumpula Garden
    (valid for May-September 2016)
    20 €

    Group fees

    Pre booking is not necessary for self-directed group visits to the glasshouses in Kaisaniemei Botanic Garden.

    Family ticket (for children and adults)
    Max 2 adults and 4 children
    20 €
    Groups of 10 or more adults 6 €/person
    Kindergarten and school groups (of under 18 year olds)
    Fee is collected from all group members (also under 7 year olds) exept from the group instructors
    4 €/person
    Guided groups booked in advance Regardless of group size, group leader and children under 7 years have free entrance 6 €/person

    How to get there

    The Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden is located in Kaisaniemi, in the centre of Helsinki. The entrance to the garden is through the gate on Kaisaniemenranta 2. The distance from the central railway station is approximately 600 meters.

    Show Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden on a bigger map.

    Public transport

    Trams 3, 6, 7 and 9 and many buses travel through Unioninkatu. The Hakaniemi and University of Helsinki metro stations are located 700 m from the Kaisaniemenranta entrance.


    Both garden entrances have bicycle stands.

    Parking space

    The garden does not have parking space reserved for visitors. You can park on the Kaisaniemenranta street, on the garden’s side. There is also a parking lot near the restaurant Kaisaniemi, in the intersection of Kaisaniemenranta and Kaisaniementie streets.

    For parking buses, we recommend two options:

    1. Kaisaniemenranta (Near the Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden)
    2. Mikonkatu, in front of the Grand Casino (so called Fennia house) (By the Rautatientori)

    Outdoor Garden map

     Click the picture to print out the map.

    Shop and customer service

    Cash desk: +3582941 24455 (during opening hours).
    Guided tours and tel. +3582941 28855 (Tue.-Thu. at 1-3 pm, no telephone duty during weeks 26–31).
    Professional filming/photography and facility tel. +3582941 28855 (Tue.-Thu. at 1-3 pm, no telephone duty during weeks 26–31).

    NB! There is no telephone service (apart from the cash desk) during school holidays: weeks 52-1 (Christmas), week 8 (winter break), weeks 26–31 (summer break), week 42 (autumn break) and midweek holidays. During summer you may leave a message in the answering machine and we will call you back.

    More information on museum facility rentals are found on the page Reservations and photography permissions.

    For more information on guided tours please visit the page Guided Tours. Enquiries by email (cancellation three working days prior to the tour at the latest).

    For general enquiries please contact us by email at

    Café and shop

    You can buy cold beverages, ice cream, plant themed literature and small souvenirs from the shop at the glasshouse cash desk. Café Viola in Kaisaniemi garden is open Monday to Friday at 9 am - 3 pm in October-December. Lunch is served from daily at 11.30 am - 14.30 pm.

    Practical tips

    Cloakroom and safety boxes

    Cloakroom and safety boxes with locks can be found behind the cash desk in the entrance lobby. We’ve also reserved three carts with locks for backbags for groups to use. Toilets are located right next to the coat racks.

    Take off extra layers of clothes before going into the glasshouses! The temperature varies from 15-25°C. The air is also very humid.  Leave your jumper on the coat rack and dive into the warmth of the tropics!

    Kuva: Marika TurtiainenEating and refreshing

    Eating packed lunch is possible in the cash desk lobby and on the glasshouse benches. You can also have a picnic on the garden lawn. Be careful of the plantings. You must clean up after yourselves. When packing lunch, one is advised to adhere to sustainable values by using few packaging materials!

    You can buy soft drinks, ice cream, plant themed literature and souvenirs from the small shop at the cash desk. Café Viola in Kaisaniemi garden is open from Monday to Friday at 9 am - 3 pm in October-December. Lunch is served from daily at 11.30 am - 14.30 pm.. For more information please e-mail: or call us, tel (+358) 50 305 9500.

    Taking pictures and filming

    You may take pictures for your own use. If you intend to publish any pictures, you must mention the location. Taking pictures for commercial use must be discussed beforehand


    Touching the plant collections and taking parts of plants home is forbidden. Some of the plants in the collections are poisonous and some cause irritation.

    Riding a bicycle, jogging, walking a dog (excluding guide dogs), swimming and being drunk in the garden is not allowed.


    The outdoor garden and glasshouses are accessible to the disabled. Please note that the historical glasshouses have narrow hallways and doorways. They’re accessible to people with normal sized pushchairs and wheelchairs, but not accessible with twin pushchairs for example. The glasshouse building also has a stairless entrance, an accessible toilet and a nursery room.


    For the visually impaired customers we’ve built a sensory garden in the outdoor garden, where the plant labels are written also in braille. The sensory garden gives joy to other customers as well with its smells and the freedom to touch.


    Person in charge of the page: 
    Laura Sandholm