Fiercest solar storm in his­tory dated through trees grow­ing in Lap­land

Should a storm of similar magnitude occur now, it would have dramatic consequences, including damage to modern navigation and communication satellites and fatalities among the astronauts in space. A study carried out by the University of Helsinki, the Natural Resources Institute Finland and the University of Oulu pinpointed the solar storm to the spring of 774.

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How Egg­plants be­came Asian – gen­omes and ele­phants tell the story

The evolutionary context of the eggplant was until recently very poorly known. Historical documents and genetic data have shown that the eggplant was first domesticated in Asia, but most of its wild relatives are from Africa. Researchers from the Natural History Museums of London (NHM) and Finland (University of Helsinki) managed to obtain the first well-supported hypothesis on the origin of the eggplant and its direct relatives.

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Javan tiger number 89

This rare skeleton has been a part of the collections of the Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus since 1857. However, it took a donation to make its true value apparent.

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Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility

Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility (FinBIF) compiles Finnish biodiversity information to one single service for open access sharing. invites you to browse wide range of information on species, their occurrences, distribution and scientific collections and to record and share your own observations.

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