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Bird monitoring

Abundance and distribution of birds

The distribution of bird species has been studied in three atlas surveys. The newest, third atlas was conducted in 2006-10, the second one during 1986-89 and the first one 1974-79. The abundances of bird populations can be studied based on eg. winter bird counts and line-transect censuse of breeding birds.

The comparison between the two first and the third atlases has revealed that many species have expanded their distribution. These species include such as Marsh Harrier, Greenfinch and Blue Tit. On the other hand, the distribution has markedly contracted on many species such as Willow Grouse, Ruff and Ortolan Bunting. The changes in distribution are caused by increase or decrease of bird populations that may be due to e.g. habitat changes in breeding, wintering or migrational stop-over grounds or - for example - changes in hunting activity. Climate change plays an important role in distribution changes. Global warming makes it possible for southern species to expand their range northwards, and at the same time, the potential distribution area of northern species contracts.

Climate change, birds and monitoring schemes

The ongoing climate chane (global warming) is a hot topic in the world of research. The long term data collected in various bird monitoring schemes are extremely useful in the research of impacts of climate change. The ongoing studies include e.g. how changing climate affect the abundance and distribution of birds and their conservation status. Many other monitoring data sources are used as well, e.g. bird migration data from Hanko Bird Observatory and annual seed crop data from the Finnish Forest Research Institute. Majority of bird census work is volunteer based that is greatly acknowledged by the monitoring scheme. The Finnish bird monitoring scheme has many national and international study projects. The monitoring data is used for example in the European Bird Census Council's (EBCC) various projects, e.g. in the assessment  of Pan-European Common Bird Indices. The Ministry of Environment supports the bird monitoring and the monitoring is performed in collaboration with BirdLife Finland. In case you are interested on collaboration, please contact the bird monitoring scheme.

Birds, environment and human impact

Many human activites affect the abundance and distribution of birds. For example, winter feeding may benefit several bird species, and, on the other hand, human-induced habitat changes may have huge adverse effects on some species. Changes in land-use and other human induced habitat changes are actively studied at LUOMUS. Bird indicators have been developed to increase our knowledge on how species typical for some habitat type do. For example, a general decrease of farmland birds indicates that the quality of farmland habitats for birds has decreased. These indicators can be found on the web page.

Bird conservation and endangered species

A good knwledge of population development is among the most essential things in nature conservation. Using this knowledge the resources available for conservation can be allocated to the species that need immediate conservational activities. The Red List of Finnish Species is an essential tool in conservation. This list is conducted in every ca. ten years. The data from bird monitoring is the most important source for evaluation of endangerdness of bird species. The newest Red List was published in 2010, and according to its results 24,5 % of 241 species breeding in Finland are endangered. Bird monitoring data can be used in the evaluation whether conservation management has been succesful or not. To enhance the conservation of migrants, knowledge on migration based on ringing and e.g. satellite transmitters is needed.


Newest results and reports based on bird monitoring

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Monitoring of raptors and osprey survey | Participate!

Raptor monitoring results and statistics

Osprey survey results and statistics

Osprey reports:

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Constant Effort Site Scheme | Read more!

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