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The Laboratory of Chronology provides radiocarbon determinations using Accelerator Mass Spectrometric (AMS) method. The chemical pretreatment, conversion into carbon dioxide, measurement of 13C/12C and reduction of carbon dioxide into pure graphite is performed in the laboratory. The AMS measurement is performed in the AMS of the Department of Physics of University of Helsinki . Determinations of all organic carbon containing material is available, such as seeds, wood, charcoal, peat, bone and fabric but also from inorganic carbon such as carbonate of burnt bone, carbonate shells of shellfish and foraminifera. The laboratory also provides biofraction determinations from samples such as mixtures of different kinds of liquid fuel (biodiesel-fossil diesel etc.), plastics, or different gaseous samples.

The laboratory provides luminescence dating services. It is advisable to read up on sampling beforehand, in order to avoid possible problems. For example, if luminescence dating of sediments is wanted, the protection of the sediment layers from light is highly important. Also, if reasonable, background radiation measurement of the original location of the sample is performed. Customers are advised to contact the laboratory before sampling.

A variety of stable isotopic determinations are available. The laboratory houses two IRMS-instruments (ThermoQuest Finnigan DeltaPlus XL and DeltaPlus Advantage), with the following peripherals: Carlo Erba NC2500 elemental analyzer for combustion of organic samples (δ13C and δ15N), ThermoQuest TC/EA for pyrolysis or organic samples and phosphates (δ18O, δD), a PreCon fro preconcentration of trace gases (δ13C of CH4) and a GasBenchII for the analysis of water samples, carbonates and air (δ13C, δ18O, δD). The details of the analyses and the prices are inspected on an individual level after the customer contacts the laboratory.

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Price (EUR/pc), internal University of Helsinki, VAT 0%
Price (EUR/pc), external, VAT 0%
Radiocarbon analysis/dating
(charred crust, bone, cremated bone, wood/plants, charcoal, shell, peat)
Radiocarbon analysis/dating without chemical pretreatment
Biofraction analysis (cf. ASTM D6866-16)
Luminescence dating
Stable-isotope analysis (H, C, N, O)


Research collaboration, educational purposes and sharing of personnel and facility expenses may decrease the prices. The pricing is valid from the 20th of August, 2012 onwards until further notice.

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