Finnish Museum of Natural History


When was the last time you paused at the feet of a dinosaur or listened to the sounds of the night under the starry sky of Africa?

Our five permanent exhibitions are Finnish Nature, World Nature, The History of Life, The Story of the Bones and Change in the Air. The Giraffes in the Gymnasium exhibition about the colourful history of the building runs through the five others.

The Natural History Museum has maintained its popularity after its renovation was completed in 2008. Year after year, the museum ranks as Finland's third most popular museum in terms of the number of visitors.

History of the museum building

Permanent exhibitions

Karhu Suomen luonto -näyttelyssä. Kuva: Luomus / Marika Turtiainen

Finnish Nature

Experience the Finnish landscapes from south to north during different seasons.

Aamu savannilla. Kuva: Luomus / Marika Turtiainen

World Nature

Nature's diversity from the middle of pack ice, to the savannahs of Africa and the exotic organisms of Australia.

Giganotosaurus on kenties suurin tunnettu petodinosaurus. Kuva: Luomus / Marika Turtiainen

History of Life

Take a trip through time, into the past and the beginning of evolution.

Luusalissa voi tutustua eri eläinten luurankoihin. Kuva: Luomus / Emilia Kurila

Story of the Bones

This exhibition teaches you the bare bones of vertebrates.

Change in the Air

Are you brave enough to come face to face with the losers and the winners of the climate change?

Temporary exhibitions

Festival in the Forest 3.6.2023-29.12.2024. There are temporary photo exhibitions at the Natural History Museum café.




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Harri Sihvonen & Hasse Hyvärinen / Kuvat: Luomus / Marika Turtiainen, Ville Heimala & Salla Mehtälä