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Field trips and social events

Field trips

Field trip to Evo Kotinen primeval forest on Wednesday.

12.00 Bus to Evo
14.00–16.30 Forest excursion
17.00 Dinner at Lammi Biological Station
18.00–19.30 Bus to Helsinki
21.00–00.30 Night trip to Espoo flying squirrel forest

On the day trip we will visit Evo Kotinen primaeval forest. This forest is one among very few forest patches left in natural condition in Southern Finland. Mostly we walk on trails but we make some short walks (to those who want) to the forest. Walking is not tough. The ground is not wet, but we can’t guarantee dry weather. If it has rained, the vegetation may be wet. Light hiking boots are perfect. June is not especially rainy month in Finland, but be also prepared for rain. There may be some mosquitos and we will offer insect repellents.

For the night trip the same gear is fine. The only purpose of the trip is to see the Siberian flying squirrel. We probably have to divide into two groups so that the first will go out on Tuesday night and the second on Wednesday, but we’ll do this in Helsinki. The area is urban settlement with forest patches and partly we will walk on a paved road. The night is light but seeing the animal also needs your own vigilance. At present, chances to see an animal are good, but anything may happen before the colloquium.

Red squirrel (photo: Pinja Näkki)

Social events

  • Welcome party at the Natural History Museum, on Monday, 1 June, starting 18.30
  • Banquet on Thursday, 4 June at Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden, starting at 18.30
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