Finnish Museum of Natural History

Finnish Nature

The Finnish Nature exhibition offers a fascinating journey through Finland from the southern coast to the northern fells.

Finland is fortunate to have four different seasons. In the exhibition the visitor travels from the archipelago in the springtime to the lush summer in the lake district, then experiences the forests and bogs during the fall, until finally arriving at the cold and dark midwinter in Lapland.

In Finland nature is everywhere around you. Even in the biggest cities, the nearest forest or sea shore is close by. You can enjoy experiences of nature even in the middle of town. On a maple branch an eagle owl is devouring a feral rabbit, and under a bench a hedgehog is snuffling away. But what is that rustling in the bin?

The bear diorama is being built in the exhibiton of Finnish Nature in spring 2008. Artist Seppo Polameri paints first the backdrop and after that the conservators bring the stuffed bears and other animals. The building of the diorama took in total one month.

The colours of four seasons in Finland.

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