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Fungal taxonomy and systematics

Mycology Team's target of research is the global diversity of fungi. Some estimates of the number of all species of fungi is about 1.5 million. Of these, only c. 70 000 species are currently known to science. The amount of species is enormous and the impact of these species to nature, its ecosystems and all life is crucial. Our researchers work on both Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes. The former ones are often microscopic saprophytes but also include most of the lichen-forming species. The latter ones are important components of the forest ecosystems and also include most of the edible fungi. Our focal topics have for long been systematics of lichens and systematics and ecology of polypores.

In addition to permanent herbarium staff a large number of postdoc and graduate students as well as visiting scientists, emeritus scientists and active amateurs work in the team. Mycology Team's contact information is found here. In addition, you can find us on social media:

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See also our publicationsdescribed taxa and DNA resources.

Research projects
Lichen systematics and distribution | Teuvo Ahti
 Threatened and indicator fungi | Tea von Bonsdorff
 Basidiomycetes | Otto Miettinen
 Phylogeny and systematics of lichenized fungi | Leena Myllys
 Polypores | Tuomo Niemelä
 Systematics of ascomycetes | Soili Stenroos

Other researchers in Mycology Team
 Annina Launis
 Viacheslav Spirin

Sienten taksonomia ja systematiikka. Kuva: Luomus/Sienitiimi

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