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Garden Dormouse disappeared from Finland?

Garden Dormouse (Eliomys quercinus) has been classified as extinct in Finland (Red Data Book 2010). The last confirmed observations are from Heinola and Teuva in Southern Finland in 1978 and 1989, respectively. The aim was to figure out whether Garden Dormouse still exists in Finland.


Tammihiiren tunnistaa parhaiten mustasta "rosvonaamarista". © Wikipedia.

Live trapping was done in three localities in Southern Finland in June – August in 2013: in Heinola, Kouvola and Teuva (the sites of the recent confirmed observations) and in Taipalsaari (the recent, unconfirmed description of a dead animal). The total trapping effort was 3386 trap-nights. No Garden Dormice were captured. Therefore, the existence of the species in Finland could not be confirmed.


Principal investigator Ilpo K. Hanski, Finnish Museum of Natural History, tel. 09 19128853, ilpo.hanski(at)

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