Finnish Museum of Natural History

Tea von Bonsdorff

Nature Conservation Officer

I am a member and secretary of Specialist Group for Fungi, working mainly
with red-listed fungi (IUCN categories of fungal species) and fungi indicating
high conservation value of Finnish forests. I graduated from the University of Helsinki and specialized in botany and mycology. My intrests are the taxonomy
and ecology of agaricoid in general (e.g. Mycena). I am the Vice President of
the Finnish Mycological Society and Finland´s representative in European
Council of Conservation of Fungi.


Research topics

  • Indicator species
  • Threatened and red listed fungi

Fungi of the forests with high conservation value in Finland – indicator species

Indicator fungi are not always threatened or exceptionally rare but
many of them require certain characteristics from their growing
sites that are important habitats for biodiversity and in need of protection. Our new book describes thoroughly 147 species and
it offers a scoring method for 545 indicator species in various forest environments. It also gives instructions to both people asking for
fungus monitoring and actually carrying out the monitoring work. 
The focus lies on mycorrhizal fungi (Agaricoid, Boletoid, Hydnelloid 
and Ramarioid).

Funding: Kone Foundation and on part of publishing, Ministry of the Environment, PUTTE
Collaborators: Panu Halme, Seppo Huhtinen, Stefan Jakobsson,
Lasse Kosonen, Ilkka Kytövuori, Teppo Rämä, Jukka Vauras


Threatened and Red Listed Fungi

Working Group for Fungi consists on Finnish mycologists, amateurs and members of Metsähallitus and SYKE. The group is responsible for the appliance and evaluation of the IUCN categories for fungi. The Red List
has been published in 2010, new list is coming out in year 2020.

Funding: Ministry of Environment
Collaborators: Veli Haikonen, Seppo Huhtinen, Kaisa Junninen, Maarit Kaukonen, Markku Kirsi, Lasse Kosonen, Heikki Kotiranta, Ilkka Kytövuori, Tuula Niskanen, Esteri Ohenoja, Pertti Salo, Jukka Vauras

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