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Metazoa Team

The Metazoa Team is in charge of the zoological collections of both vertebrates and invertebrates, excluding insects. Research topics of principal investigators include systematics and zoogeography of spiders, crustaceans, monogenean flatworsm, bivalve molluscs and fishes, conservation biology, and theoretical and methodological aspects of biodiversity science. The taxidermy workshop prepares vertebrate specimens for the scientific collections and the public exhibition.

Team leader
Väinölä, Risto — Senior Curator (Tuhat)

Andersson, Roni — Taxidermist (Tuhat)
Cardoso, Pedro — Curator (Tuhat)
Chichorro de Carvalho, Filipe — Doctoral Student (Tuhat)
Fukushima, Caroline — Postdoctoral Researcher (Tuhat)
Granroth, Janne — Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Hildén, Martti — Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Hyytiäinen, Emma-Sofia — Senior Museum Technician
Lempiäinen, Netta — Taxidermy Coordinator (Tuhat)
Lilley, Thomas — Curator (Tuhat)
Macias Hernandez, Nuria — POstdoctoral Researcher (Tuhat)
Nylund, Katja — Senior Museum Technician
Pajunen, Timo — Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Puolakoski, Ari — Chief Taxidermist, on leave (Tuhat)
Talman, Ritva — Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Weckman, Erik — Taxidermist

Entomology TeamMaakiitäjäinen (kuva: Laura Hiisivuori)

Team leader
Sihvonen, Pasi — Senior Curator (Tuhat)

Biström, Olof — Professor, emeritus (Tuhat)
Heikkilä, Maria post doctoral researcher (Tuhat)
Hirvonen, Pan university trainee
Kahanpää, Jere — Digitisation Coordinator (Tuhat)
Kaila, Lauri — Senior Curator (Tuhat)
Kekkonen, Mari post doctoral researcher (Tuhat)
Lähteenaro, Meri research assistant
Malinen, Pekka — Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Mattila, Jaakko — Collections Coordinator (Tuhat)
Muona, Jyrki — Professor, emeritus (Tuhat)
Paukkunen, Juho — Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Pesari, Susanna university trainee
Rättel, Elvira — Senior Museum Technician
Silfverberg, Hans — Curator, emeritus (Tuhat)
Ståhls-Mäkelä, Gunilla — Laboratory Manager (Tuhat)
Teräväinen, Marianna — Doctoral Student (Tuhat)
Tuomola, Aino — Doctoral Student, on leave of absence (Tuhat)
Viljanen, Heidi Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Vilkamaa, Pekka — Curator, emeritus (Tuhat)

Specimen loans and other technical collection issues: Pekka Malinen (Lepidoptera), Jaakko Mattila (Coleoptera), Jere Kahanpää (Diptera), Juho Paukkunen (Hymenoptera), Heidi Viljanen (other insect orders).

Monitoring Team, Ringing Centre

Team leader
Valkama, Jari — Curator (Tuhat)
Björklund, Heidi — Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Fraixedas, Sara — Doctoral Student (Tuhat)
Honkala, Juha — Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Kluen, Edvard — Researcher (Tuhat)
Kyheröinen, Eeva-Maria — Project Researcher (Tuhat)
Lehikoinen, Aleksi — Academy Research Fellow (Tuhat)
Lehikoinen, Petteri — Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Meller, Kalle — Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Niiranen, Seppo — Senior Museum Technician (Tuhat)
Pavon Jordan, Diego — Doctoral Student (Tuhat)
Piha, Markus — Coordination Curator (Tuhat)
Sirkiä, Päivi — Postdoctoral Researcher (Tuhat)

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